Monthly Archives: April 2007

Yakety Yak

Well, I’m in the land of yaks and honey. We landed in Zhongdian yesterday, did a little sightseeing, and bought some souveniers. Zhongdian has been re-christened “shangri-la” to boost tourism, but it doesn’t look as though that’s created a sudden … Continue reading

Ni hou!

Well, I made it to China!!! The flight over here was long and cramped (what international flight isn’t?), but I sucessfully met up with Bill in Chicago and his daughter Talia in Beijing, plus all our luggage arrived intact, so … Continue reading

The Death of a Cell Phone

Well, my fancy new cell phone lasted all of two weeks before I washed it in the washing machine this morning. So, no cell phone until I get it replaced, probably after I get back from China. I leave for … Continue reading

I can see clearly now!

…the rain is gone! I had a beautiful sunny day off. Pity, really, since it WAS my day off. I had all this real, legitimate work to do like pack for China (I leave Monday!) and learn Chinese, but instead … Continue reading

The irony

I used to complain that my desk was in a hallway in a barn (at the zoo). The irony struck me tonight that now my desk is in an ATTIC in a barn. It’s definitely a move up in the … Continue reading