Monthly Archives: May 2007


Cat had to put Dash to sleep today. He was just getting worse and worse. At the end, he only was moving one ear and hadn’t stood up in over 24 hours… *sigh*. The other lambs are doing fine, though. … Continue reading

Cat and Dot

Well, I mentioned that Dot was the World’s Cutest Lamb, and she is. Cat took a GREAT picture of little Dot (yes, there is a little lamb in that photo!), and has it posted on her blog as well. Cat’s … Continue reading


Overlook Farm is finally reaching the end of lambing season. We had over 40 lambs born this year! Most are being raised by mom, but we’ve got four lambs we are bottle-feeding. That’s Bigfoot up top. He was just born … Continue reading

I’m back!

Well, I have returned to the good ol’ U. S. of A. I’m still horribly jet-lagged, miserable with allergies, and not much fun to be around, so my apologies for not having contacted everyone (or really, anyone). I had a … Continue reading