Monthly Archives: July 2007


Here is the quilt I’ve been working on. Since I started, no fewer than 5 (five!) other people have started quilt projects too! It’s a quilting, contraing kind of farm this summer Here’s Caitlin’s and Lily’s quilt squares too! They’re … Continue reading

What I’m up to

Well, two weekends ago I went to visit Marie and Grandpa in Maine. They had just gotten their shiny new toy. Grandpa is now captain of a beautiful new boat, named “White Caps”. Marie’s daughter Joyce and a gaggle of … Continue reading

I’m back! Farm Funnies

So sorry for a month of no posting. My camera died and a photo-less post always seemed lame. Well, too many cute quotes from the visiting school groups have been collecting in my brain, so here they are: “Hey, is … Continue reading