Monthly Archives: August 2007

My Heifer Contribution

I just stumbled across the card Heifer gave me when I left. It states: Your contribution at Overlook Farm was equivalent to:4 Water buffaloes7 Heifers3 Trios of rabbits3 Llamas3 Flocks of chicks3 Pigs3 Flocks of ducks3 Goats3 Flocks of geese3 … Continue reading

The Last Leg to Madison

This is POST 3 of 3 posts I posted today. Scroll down for the first two parts! Susan and I dropped off the Mace Clan at the airport and started our long journey to Memphis and then to Madison. We … Continue reading

From Massachusetts to Madison by way of Maine and Memphis

This is POST 2 of 3 posts I have posted today. Scroll down for the first one! So, I’m not so good at geography! So, here’s a breakdown of the last 3 weeks. My friend Marian came and visited/worked on … Continue reading

Goodbye Heifer, Hello New Way of Eating

Well, I finally said goodbye to the wonderful folks at the farm this summer and headed off to my next adventure(s). I made many new friends, although I didn’t have time in 4 months to really get to know anyone … Continue reading