Monthly Archives: September 2007

I’m better…but behind

Well, I finally woke up this morning feeling semi-human for the first time in a week. That was a doozy of a cold. I’ve got to go study for two botany exams this week (lab and lecture), finish grading a … Continue reading

Rodent infestation

My bathtub is having this terrible mouse infestation. Thank goodness Roxie and Dragon are on the job! Site visits

Thank you!

I’d like to have a round of applause for the folks who invented: Puffs Plus with Aloe Tylanol Laser pointers (a must-have if you spend a day in bed with kittens in the house) My day was much better because … Continue reading

I hab a code

Thanks Cislyn for the good title I’m home, trying to stay in bed and hydrated, and of course a group of 3 men has ladders up to all my windows actively wielding power tools and paint brushes, so it’s a … Continue reading

Roxie Does the Laundry

Well, I’m obviously not getting work done this morning… Site visits