Monthly Archives: October 2007

Children of the Cold

I just stumbled across this on the NY Times website. A group of Inca children froze to death on top of a mountain around 500 years ago. Their bodies, even facial expressions, are perfectly preserved. The photos are absolutely stunning. … Continue reading

I’m on TV and it was Halloween last night!

Not sure how long the link will be there, but I was on TV last night when Stephanie and I went to the Halloween on State Street. It’s been a riot (literally) in years past, but this year they had … Continue reading

How do you know what water is made out of?

If you sit in a biology classroom, you’ll almost always see data shown to you. Graphs of data from key experiments that were so simply and elegantly designed, you can immediately see how that data advanced knowledge. You’ll see experimental … Continue reading

New header!

Wheee! Don’t Ya and Le look adorable? Update on me. In a fit of idiocy/naive optimism, I scheduled my final presentation in one class for the day after my final exam in another class. Both are this week! So, I’ve … Continue reading

Broken Giraffe Hearts

Science used to be so much more personal. Old dairy cattle studies refer to the animals by name (Flossie, Bessie). Now cows are just anonymous numbers, or even more commonly, just members of a group (“25 lactating Holstein cattle were … Continue reading