Monthly Archives: November 2007

Stealth historians sabotage public property – by fixing it

I’m trying to get oodles of work, but this popped across my radar and is too good to not pass on! A “guerilla” group of clock restorers and artists spent a year illegally restoring a famous clock in Paris’s Pantheon … Continue reading

It was only a "virtually" indestructible keyboard

*sigh* Just LOOK at what the felines did to my new keyboard… Not that I ever used the F9-11 keys for anything, but it does detract somewhat from the wash-ability of my washable keyboard when there are HOLES in it! … Continue reading

Help me celebrate "Buy Nothing Day"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We ate ourselves silly here and had a wonderful international evening. Today I’m celebrating Buy Nothing Day.It’s a protest against the crap people buy on holidays that nobody wants or needs, that adds … Continue reading

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well, it wouldn’t be a blog on Thanksgiving if I didn’t make a list of things I’m thankful for this morning. 1. My location in place, time, and society. If I’d been born almost anywhere else or … Continue reading

My new *sniff* keyboard

I love my little Mac iBook. It’s very lightweight. It’s portable. It does everything except my laundry. However, my keyboard developed personality issues over the weekend so my words ended up mixed upper and lower case, making me look like … Continue reading