Monthly Archives: December 2007

Okay okay – "teach the controversy" already!!!

Well, thank goodness Kansas is once again leading the way to enlightenment! It turns out the theory of the “periodic table” is false, and in flat contradiction to the Word of God. Kansas is going back to some basic fundamental … Continue reading

Nerd-a-licious holiday art

Street Anatomy is displaying some holiday themed Petri dishes. Enjoy! Site visits

Memphis Riverfront

Hey! The Grist just did an article on the riverfront development in Memphis! It was a nice little reminder of “home”. The article discusses the proposed plans for development of the riverfront, from an empty public greenspace to something that … Continue reading

Panda Poop T-Shirts and More

Who knew? I was exploring the links that people use to get TO my blog, and found this site selling panda poop T-shirts and “gifts”! Apparently there are quite a few panda-poop-themed items out there. And to think I thought … Continue reading

A note from Santa about global warming

It’s good to know Santa is sustainable. Pity he can’t curb Rudolph’s nose emissions – any engineers out there with a solution? From “The Science Creative Quarterly” A NOTE FROM SANTA ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING Site visits