Monthly Archives: May 2008

one night in shanghai and the world’s your oyster

we've been having a fun few days being tourists.  yesterday was our first day in shanghai, and we went to century park – a big new park where we saw a olmec head (yes, the native american type), a huge … Continue reading

I’ve arrived in Shanghai

The flight was long, but uneventful.  I managed not to puke on anyone this time, thank goodness.    I'll be in Shanghai (or thereabouts) until next Sunday, when we head to Kunming, where i'll be the rest of the summer. … Continue reading

Pandas in Tibet

Someone keeps linking to my site with the google search term “pandas in tibet” or “are pandas from Tibet or China?” To answer the question: no, pandas are neither from nor found in Tibet (the political region). However, much of … Continue reading

Bye folks!

I’m heading outta here today to spend the summer in China. I’m swinging by Memphis on the way out of town to celebrate Meghan’s wedding to Boris (wheeee!). Here’s my frequently asked question list: When are you going? End of … Continue reading

Chinese Love-Hate Relationship with Foreigners

Here’s an interesting take on the somewhat contradictory feelings of xenophobia and xenophilia seen in almost every news report on China these days: Site visits