Monthly Archives: June 2008

Business in China

If you want to get your cell phone or camera screen cleaned, de-scratched, and protected with a bit of plastic film, the place to go is on top of the overpasses over road 1-2-1 in Kunming. There are, on any … Continue reading

Back in Kunming

Hi folks, I’m back in beautiful Kunming, although I haven’t seen much of its beauty these last few days. I’ve been busy making deals to get my house sold! It looks like things are coming together nicely (knock on wood) … Continue reading

Update from Monkey Mountain

Well, I’m back in the city for one night, then back to the mountain. I came back to get my samples into a freezer or drying oven ASAP (nobody wants un-refrigerated primate feces around for very long!). However, it turns … Continue reading

PC = Primate Center or Peace Corps

Hi folks! I'm now living/working at the primate center located about40 minutes outside Kunming (the capital city where we rented anapartment and I was staying). It's pretty remote, it's pretty pretty,it's far more of a Peace Corps experience than I … Continue reading

Off to play with monkeys!

Well, I had a meeting with the guy-who-hates-researchers to grovel for permission to work with the captive animals this morning. He turned out to be a really nice guy, very helpful, and very good at helping move the whole process … Continue reading