Monthly Archives: July 2008

Off to the field

Well, I finally got my permits! There was much rejoicing. I’m heading to Dali tomorrow to meet with my collaborator, then to the field on Friday or Saturday (whenever the rain lets up). In the meantime, I’ve had an uneventful … Continue reading

Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter

If he wasn’t already despicable enough for his track record on the environment (and human rights, the constitution, justice, sound financial policies, foreign affairs, okay I’ll stop now), he’s just sunk to a new all-time abyss: President George Bush: ‘Goodbye … Continue reading

More photos of Xishuangbanna

Katie posted her photos at: I’m even in some of these! Site visits

Observations at 5 am

Well, having napped after my long night-bus ride until 1pm, I am now unable to go to sleep at a normal time, so here I am, battling insomnia at 5 am *sigh*. More random observations seen in Kunming in the … Continue reading

Welcome to the Jungle!

Katie and I just spent 4 lovely days in Xishuangbanna, a part of Yunnan Province near the Laos and Burma border that is home to some of the northern-most tropical rainforest around. It was a real feel of Southeast Asia, … Continue reading