Monthly Archives: August 2008

I’m so lucky

Whew! After a VERY LONG plane ride, I made it to Memphis last week where I had a very fun time catching up with old friends (and finally got out onto the Mississippi River in a kayak!), even saw a … Continue reading

I’m back from the field!

…and *whew* was it HARD. I don’t know where to start – the terrain, the people, the food, the wildlife and plants, so I’ll break this into several posts and maybe that will help. First, an overview: After waiting two … Continue reading

The Terrain

Well, this is the eastern front of the Himalayas, between the Lancang (Mekong) and Yangze Rivers, so it is STEEP. The mountains are new, as mountains go (and continuing to grow), so the rocks are sharp and jagged, unlike the … Continue reading

The people I met

We met many wonderful people along the way. First, of course, are the folks I’m working with at Dali University and the grad students. They bent over backwards (sometimes literally) to help me make it up and around the mountains … Continue reading

The monkeys

At both sites we visited, Lasha and Longma, nobody had been watching the monkeys for a while before we arrived, due to weather. So, the first few days at each site, we spent doing other things while we waited for … Continue reading