Monthly Archives: October 2008

Obama’s ad

I watched Obama’s 30 minute infomercial tonight with a group of enthusiastic supporters who thought it was great and brilliant. I didn’t think it was terrible, but it wasn’t particularly insightful, detailed, or inspiring. What I like about Obama is … Continue reading

Voting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some very interesting voting regulations. Pretty much if you can physically get to the voting booth on voting day, you can vote. Anything goes for registration. You only need: 1) Either a driver’s license or the last 4 … Continue reading

Roxie’s Very Best Cat Toy Recommendations

I know…only of interest to those of you who own cats, but I know that’s most of you so… Go Cat’s “Cat Catcher” – this is a fuzzy bristle mouse on a wire on a stick. It doesn’t sound that … Continue reading

You thought losing $1.5 trillion was bad…

This stock collapse is petty when compared to the nature crunch.The financial crisis at least affords us an opportunity to now rethink our catastrophic ecological trajectory This recent article by George Monbiot in The Guardian brings up a scary comparison … Continue reading

What do I want to do with my life?

Do I even have to decide? When should this decision be made? I spent the evening with a friend who dropped out of her grad program in chemistry after two years, and is switching to the chemistry education program to … Continue reading