Monthly Archives: November 2008

Turkey trotted

I’m back from a lovely visit to my West Coast side of the family. I got to visit my adorable nieces and catch up with scattered bits of my family that have ended up out west. Annie (3 1/2 years … Continue reading

Irony overload

From an ethics professor who writes a wonderful blog, writing about how to address plagiarism by students: I’ve had students plagiarize their responses to case studies on plagiarism in an ethics class. Eeesh… Site visits


It has been pointed out to me that my last post was a bit harsh, and that the Dems face the same issue with weirdly mismatched demographics as the Republicans. Fair enough – both parties have odd demographics and it … Continue reading

The aftermath

Obama’s being compared to just about every political leader the country can remember – A Jimmy Carter – elected by a landslide popular vote, destined for bumbling incompetency A Ronald Regan – elected by a landslide popular vote to pick … Continue reading

Victory tempered…

Well, the dramatic speeches of last night highlighted the similarities and differences between the two candidates. Both gave honorable and respectful speeches and talked of working together in the future. However, McCain’s speech focused on the fact that the country … Continue reading