Monthly Archives: February 2010

Fate and happiness

One of the nice things about being in a non-judeo-christian culture is the role of fate and how that plays out among people. A poor, uneducated person doing back-breaking labor just to make ends meet? Here, they aren’t “lazy” “bad” … Continue reading

Happy Hu Year

I blatently stole the title of this post from an email from my friend Mary, but it describes my adventures this week as I celebrated the Chinese New (Lunar) Year. It’s the year of the Hu, or Tiger. I’ve decided … Continue reading

The Cast of Characters

Well, I suppose it is time to introduce the cast of characters here. There are four cages of monkeys, which I’ve Cleverly named A, B, C and D. I’ve given everyone English names just so I can keep them straight. … Continue reading

Ups and Downs

Ups and DownsI have made it back up to the mountain, with many new things in tow. I went on a shopping spree in Kunming and bought a TON of stuff. I will not starve nor freeze now, even if … Continue reading

Will she go "BOO"?

Well, I have heat. It took 6 men 3 days to jerry-rig a little ceramic heater, but here I am. It’s been on for 20 minutes, has only threatened to explode once, and has raised the temperature in my little … Continue reading