Monthly Archives: March 2010

Monkey update

Random updates from Monkey Mountain Photos are up on my Picasaweb site. If you aren’t already my “friend”, send me an email or leave a comment so that you can see them or I can send you the link if … Continue reading

last about the health insurance

Here’s part II of my health care bit. So, it’s passed. The republicans, who lost out on their chance to actually INFLUENCE the bill by being petulant 3-year-olds throughout the entire lengthy process, are responding to their loss by acting … Continue reading

Health insurance and new baby monkey

Okay, so the two topics aren’t a perfect match, but here’s a photo of the new baby that was born a few days ago. Sorry it’s not great but mom’s been keeping him under wraps. I’m a little bit late … Continue reading

Unions and Updates

So, things are limping along here. I’m feeding two groups of monkeys lichen in steadily increasing amounts. One group adores the lichen and gobbles it all up. The other just nibbles on it half-heartedly and drops most of it. The … Continue reading