Monthly Archives: November 2010

Random recent photos

I’m playing around with how to do images in posts on my new blog.  Here’s some recent shots of my trips to Utah and Columbus and some random shots from the last month or so.  It’s anyone’s guess if they’ll … Continue reading

Columbus Zoo

I had a nice trip to Columbus, OH this week to collect samples at the Columbus Zoo. The zoo itself was fabulous. The legacy of Jack Hanna is a beautiful zoo, with just the right mix of well-designed exhibits, interesting … Continue reading


Here’s my idealistic, unrealistic, but fervent hope of what will happen next in US politics, after the amazing events of last week, when the Tea Party, devotees of ignorance and idiocy, got voted into office. That the teabaggers are just … Continue reading

Moving Day!

Whoops – I switched too quickly. My “good-bye” message didn’t get sent, but my “welcome” message did! So – here’s the belated “goodbye” message explaining the reasons for the move. Happy Halloween and Farewell Blogspot! It is time. My web-needs … Continue reading