Monthly Archives: January 2011


Things are going well here in panda-land. Highlights of the week include further confirmation that my project is actually making forward progress (yay!), going skijoring with Nina (that is, cross-country skiing while being pulled by a dog – sadly, no … Continue reading

Conflict Course Days 5,6,7

On Friday we role played conflicts with small groups.  We had a lot of fun because we started out trying to think of everything that we had seen go wrong in group meetings (show up late, have the conclusions already … Continue reading

Conflict Course – Day 4

Today we practiced one-on-one conflicts (ie – difficult conversations such as explaining why the government can’t compensate you for the destruction of your barn by a tiger, firing someone for poor performance).  Ugh.  I hate conflict, but we are learning … Continue reading

Conflict Course – Days 2 & 3

Whew – things are moving fast here in conflict-land.  Yesterday was spent on analyzing conflict and how important it was to spend time..TONS of time…on interviews and info-gathering before any attempt at mediation is attempted.  It seems that, to do … Continue reading

Conflict Course – Day 1

I am currently attending a Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution workshop course offered through the Smithsonian Institution.  We are housed at the National Zoo’s off-site facility in Front Royal, although the course itself is not part of the zoo itself and I’m … Continue reading