Monthly Archives: February 2011

United we stand, divided we beg. Coffee anyone?

The title of this post is taken from some signs held by picketers at the capitol this week. This has definitely been a crash-course in the history and value of the labor movement for many people in Wisconsin. Apologies for … Continue reading

Drama in Madison

Well, little ol’ Madison has made the headlines this week!  Our new Tea Party governor, Scott Walker, introduced a bill last week that called for an effective 15-20% pay cut for state employees, coupled with sharp decreases in benefits, and … Continue reading

Home again, home again jiggety jig

Whew – I made it back from Cleveland last night, found space for all my samples in the freezer (not a small accomplishment in our lab), and fell asleep by 8 pm. Cleveland was decent.  They have a fabulous “metroparks” … Continue reading

The Last Zoo!!! (Almost)

Well, it’s the last zoo I have to travel to, as my truly last zoo is right in town. I drove as far as Chicago tonight and will do the rest of the way to Cleveland tomorrow. It will be … Continue reading