Monthly Archives: March 2011

The birds are back!

After a long and beautiful snowy winter, we had a long and icky “mud” and “ice” season as the snow melted and thawed and melted and thawed again.  But!  There are signs that spring is near!  The weather has been … Continue reading

Photos of Democracy in action

The chant that is said over and over at the capitol during these protests is “This is what democracy looks like!”. The phrase has a distinctive rhythm and you hear people all over town even banging it out or beeping … Continue reading

Life in the lab

I haven’t posted about my research in a while, so here’s some updates on what I’m doing. These are photos of the monkeys I’m studying in the US.  They are colobus monkeys.  The ones with the lumpy hair-dos are Colobus … Continue reading

Updates from the land of cheese

One site that has been fun to read the last few days is PolitiFact – an independent organization that checks up on the statements made by folks in public.  They’ve been evaluating the rhetoric from both sides using an unheard-of … Continue reading