Peaking late

It’s 11 pm in the lab and I’m…well…bored. So, I’ve started making movies to share with you about the “fun” I’m having here.

Part 1 – The overview

Part 2 – Fun with Robots!

Part 3 – Collecting Peaks

2 Responses to Peaking late

  1. Harry Bissell says:

    Dear Heidi: Quite impressive!! I”m not sure what result you are looking for But it must be there somewhere!! What are some the other uses for all that machinery? Anyway, thanks for all the info. Love Grandpa

  2. Heidi says:

    HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) is used to separate stuff. You can use it to figure out the chemicals in various things, such as the chemicals in plants, industrial waste, river water, etc. I’m using it slightly differently – instead of identifying each peak to figure out what they are, I’m using it like a set of sieves to filter out and separate the individual compounds so I can use them. I’m not identifying them at the moment – just seeing if Compound 1 from Sample G has antibacterial properties. But, if you know enough chemistry, you can use the timing of the peaks to figure out what some compounds are.